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Ninnindale to go off air – Times of India

New television series Ninnindale which went on air in August is set to end it’s journey on television. The new serial which had Deepak Mahadev and Chitrashree in lead roles was aired at 2:30pm from Monday to Friday was produced by well renowned actor and writer Rajesh Nataranga

Deepak says, “It’s very sad that the show is ending due to poor TRP ratings. We are happy that everyone likes the storyline of the serial.” Ninnindale had a beautiful story of friendship and love. This love story was also a reflection of tradition. Indian family values. The plot of the story was Rajalakshmi is the head of a big family, due to a rift with her son-in-law’s family the joint family gets separated. The only person who can bring the two warring families is the wedding of Rajalakshmi’s grandchildren, Ananya and Varun.

Sharath Parvathvani has written the story & screenplay. Vinod Mahadevan has penned the dialogues. Actors Jayshree S Raj, Namitha Desai, Prashant Natana, Shobitha and Nandeesh are seen in the supporting cast. Writer and lyricist Jayanth Kaikin has penned the lyrics and Manasa Holla has crooned the song.

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