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[PHOTOGALLERY] Dubai 2021: onboard Gulf Air’s 787-9

One of the airlines bringing its flagship product to Dubai Air Show was Gulf Air, the national carrier of the nearby Kingdom of Bahrain.

The company brought the newest of its seven Boeing 787-9s, which usually flies the airline’s densest and longest routes from its hub in Bahrain.

Routes flown by Gulf Air’s 787-9 in the last week, according to Some were one-offs usually operated by the narrowbodies.

This specific aircraft, registered A9C-FG, sports Gulf Air’s retro livery, celebrating the 70th anniversary of the company.

The Middle East is recognized as having some of the airlines with the most competitive products in the world, especially Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways. The Dubai Airshow 2021 served, in this regard, for companies of the region to show that they, too, are able to play in a similar level to these airlines, at least with respect to product.

Entering Foxtrot Golf, the impressions could hardly be any better. That’s natural, as the aircraft is brand new and it sports Gulf Air’s flagship product.

First we were taken to the Business cabin – known onboard Gulf Air as the Falcon Gold class.

Gulf Air has put 26 seats that can go fully flat. The configuration might be 2-2-2, but everyone has access to the aisle, in a clever setting as shown in the photos. Passengers in the window seats, then, have fantastic privacy.

And naturally, the cockpit of the 787 still impresses.

Onto Economy class, Gulf Air sports the standard 3-3-3 setup of the 787, with 256 seats; there is no Premium Economy cabin in the aircraft.

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