Dienstag, 25. Januar 2022
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Chicago: Wolkenkratzer, Flüsterkneipen… und all der Jazz – Scotland on Sunday Travel

A child on The Ledge at Skydeck, Chicago, on the Willis Tower, the world’s eighth talles building at 1,353 feet.

I’m sitting on a ledge, but not just any old ledge, The Ledge. This ledge is a petrifying prospect, a glass box attached to – and sticking out 4.3ft from – the world’s eighth tallest building, 1,353ft up.

Not for those with vertigo, but an Instagrammer’s dream, the most terrifying moment of being 103 floors up on the Skydeck (theskydeck.com) of the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower) in downtown Chicago is stepping on to The Ledge, even though I’m assured it can hold 10,000lbs.

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Inching my way on to the thick glass platform looking anywhere but down, the fear of falling gradually dissipates as my eyes veer towards the immense vista of Chicago, over skyscrapers which seem pint-sized compared with this one, the wide highways snaking towards Lake Michigan.

On a clear day, I’m told,…



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