Samstag, 22. Januar 2022
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Latest Coronavirus Update

Dutchesss Legislature chair accused of ignoring mask mandate

■ Haldane will limit attendance for home basketball games under a new policy announced by Athletic Director Daniel Cowan on Wednesday (Jan. 5). Each player will receive four laminated passes to distribute and only people holding a pass will be allowed into the gymnasium. Spectators will be prohibited from sitting behind team benches and must still wear masks and sit at least 3 feet apart, unless part of the same family.

■ Democrats on the Dutchess County Legislature excoriated Chair Gregg Pulver for allowing fellow Republicans Mike Polasek and Will Truitt to sit unmasked at their desks in the body’s chamber on Tuesday (Jan. 4), despite a state-ordered mandate. Pulver repeatedly cited state guidance for restaurants, where diners must wear masks unless they are eating or drinking. “His negligence and their poor decisions are putting all of us — our families and children and elderly parents, and our constituents…




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