Monday, December 6, 2021

The travel trade is more interconnected than ever, so should your travel news site.

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Origin Story

I started TravelTradeToday to be better informed of future opportunities and disruption by reading travel trade news from around the world. Being better informed to identify opportunities and "read the writing on the wall".

Robert Van Pash, Founder, Travel Trade News.

Macro to Niche Travel News.

50+ sources (and growing) have you covered from a macro (country/product level) to growing travel verticals and niches.

Giving Yourself and Edge

Spot opportunities and disruptions in other travel markets that apply to your home market.

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Automated and editor curated news every hour of every day of the year. Receive just the news you want sent daily/weekly to your inbox (coming soon!).

By the travel trade, for the travel trade.

A singular focus on travel trade news, insights and resources for an industry like no other.

TravelTrade.Today provides up to the hour news on the travel trade, travel startups in countries around the world, travel technology providers, GDS/reservation systems, airlines, country tourism boards, international trade associations like IATA and WTC - all the travel trade news in 1 place.

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