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Spicejet resumes Boeing 737 Max services, MD Ajay Singh affirms ‘it is the safest airline’

Indian low-cost airline Spicejet has resumed its Boeing 737 Max services after nearly two and half years. The 737 Max aircraft were grounded in India by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on March 13, 2019. The decision to ground the planes came after a tragic crash of an Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max plane near Addis Ababa, which had left 157 people, including four Indians. 

In an exclusive conversation with Republic Media Network, Spicejet’s Managing Director Ajay Singh informed that the aircraft’s software has been modified and additional sensors have been put in order to make it completely safe. In addition, he revealed that the aircraft has also been tested under all sorts of test conditions by regulators all around the world. 

“The aircraft has been tested by regulators all around the world and there has been no glitch whatsoever. I don’t think any aircraft in the world has gone through the kind of scrutiny this aircarft has gone through. But it had to happen and it also gives a lot of confidence to all of us. It is now the safest airline in the world,” said Ajay Singh. 

Singh also stated that all claims with Boeing have been settled amicably and the losses incurred by Spicejet have been paid for Boeing in cash and in kind. The Spicejet MD has said that the remaining aircraft will be inducted starting from December 2021. 

Spicejet’s Boeing 737 Max 

With its comeback, Spicejet’s 737 max is also set to provide broadband services onboard which will be free initially. In addition, WhatsApp and emailing services will also be enabled but voice calling will be disabled. Moreover, 737 Max aircraft burns 20 per cent less fuel and the engineering costs are comparatively lower. The airline has now places an order for over 155 more aircraft among which 13 have already been inducted. Currently, two of these are operating and the aircraft also offers 40 per cent reduction in carbon emissions and 50 per cent lesser nitrogen…

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