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Go green! Govt officer travels 3 km to his office every Monday to minimise air pollution | City – Times of India Videos

Nov 22, 2021, 04:03PM ISTSource: TNN

A beautiful initiative taken by an accounting officer of Basic Education Department Mr. Anoop Mishra from Varanasi, is, the usage of bicycle as a mode to commute, atleast once a week. He travells 3 km on every Monday from his house to the office. He also added that all his colleagues showed their cooperation and started using bicycles as a mode to commute on mondays.Mr. Anoop Mishra said that if every person in the office commutes with bicycle atleast once a week, then that is how we can contribute in minimising the air pollution and live and breathe a pollution free air. Due to increase in different vehicles on the road, it is adding more and more pollution and resulting in poor air index. So if everyone contributes his part then we all can live in a pollution free environment.

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