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Hilarious: A Woman Tried To Sneak Into Business Class On My Singapore Airlines Flight – Live and Let’s Fly

If you’re going to try to sneak into business class, Singapore Airlines is not the airline to do it on.

Woman Tries To Sneak Into Business Class On My Singapore Airlines Flight

We had just finished dinner and the lights were still on. The seat across the aisle from me, in the rear business class cabin, was empty. All of a sudden a woman darted up from behind the curtain, jumped into the seat, laid her head on the center console, and closed her eyes.

There were not any flight attendants in the cabin at the time, but moments later a flight attendant emerged from the galley, noticed the woman, and summoned the chief purser, Mr. Singh. He looked at the woman, then directed the chief stewardess (red sarong kebaya), Ms. Ng, to remove her from the cabin.

First, the woman was verbally addressed. She pretended to sleep. Then she was gently tapped on the shoulder. She still pretended to sleep. Finally, she was gently shaken and sat up. She began to cry and complain that there was not enough room in economy class and that she needed to sleep.

Very politely but very firmly, a flight attendant escorted her back behind the curtain.

In case you were wondering, the woman appeared to be Singaporean based upon her English accent.

Obviously, trying to sneak into business class is one of the oldest games in the book (I once tried it when I was a teenager) and part of me cannot fault for her at least trying.

But the whole pretend to be in a deep sleep trick? Come on, this is Singapore Airlines.


It has been many years since I’ve seen a passenger attempt to sneak into a premium cabin (unless you count the kid on my SriLankan Airlines flight). While her antics were hilarious, I simply cannot imagine this ever really working in a business class cabin worth sneaking into.

Have you ever seen someone try to sneak into business class? Were they successful?

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