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Thinking Of A Vacation? This Flexible & Smart Booking Option Makes The Cut

Avid traveller, Alia
couldn’t wait to kick-off her long-awaited trip with her GFFs to a pristine
mountain getaway in Himachal. As far as she was concerned, the trip was
(mostly) on track. The calendar had been cleared, her gang had her leaves
approved, and the bunch had even done their respective pre-holiday shopping.
But as it so often happens, things don’t always go according to plan. A
potentially important meeting of Alia with her business partner meant that the
gang had to cancel all plans (well the trip was meant for all and everyone had
to be there). Result? Flight tickets were un-booked and unfortunately, Alia
couldn’t commit to a new date either. The uncertainty got Alia and the gang
worried whether the homestay they had booked would refund their money or not.

Well, we’ve all been in
Alia’s shoes to an extent. But surely it need not be this way?

Your travel should be as
amazing and stress-free as you…

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