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Nearby tourism area of Deqing shows strong recovery

Part of the digital tourism map of Deqing

Deqing County in neighboring Zhejiang Province has taken a digital approach to empower its cultural and tourism development with the launch of a smart guide system.

The system relying on a mobile phone mini-program provides navigation services to tourist attractions, parking lots, public restrooms and hotels with 360-degree panoramic real-scene experience, according to Deqing’s cultural and tourism authorities.

It includes two travel routes with automatic guide functions. One is a walking tour on culture and history, while the other is a cruise journey, taking tourists to experience Deqing’s ancient bridge culture.

VR booking and AI intelligent customer service functions are also featured.

It is accessible on Deqing’s one-stop digital life service platform on WeChat.

Nearby tourism area of Deqing shows strong recovery

Deqing has shown strong momentum in its tourism recovery process. During this year’s…

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