Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Higher Education must match with the latest – Jammu Kashmir Latest News | Tourism | Breaking News J&K

Is fourth Industrial Revolution knocking at our doors but whether or not we are responding with equal measure is not only very important but unless we do it in the right earnest , we might miss an opportunity which rarely visits the sojourns of potential as we in India have and which even the world recognises. The National Education Policy, undoubtedly, a well prepared document , is not only attuned to address modern concerns and aspirations in the field of education but the characteristics of its elasticity makes it fit to mould the students and scholars into the requirements of 21st century especially in the field of skill development and higher stratum of technology.
Higher Education Institutions, therefore, must burn midnight oil to give priorities less to routines and more towards skill development of the youth with an eye to be among the front runners to grab 5-G based technologies .We have to do a lot in the fields of medicine, agriculture, latest technologies, commerce…

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