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‘Aman Force’ to assume charge on December 1 | The Express Tribune


The deployment of the baton-wielding ‘Aman Force’ in Malika-e-Kohsar Murree has been completed, before the start of the snow season in December. The 20-member force will assume responsibility on December 1.

Civil Defense Department (CDD) District Officer (DO) Talib Hussain said that members would be equipped with walkie-talkies, and that they will perform duties at three tourist spots. They include Murree GPO, Kashmir Point, and Pindi Point, he added. He said the force will take over in case of any fighting between tourists and local shopkeepers.

The DO said a ban had been imposed on the touts, who forcibly bring families to different hotels. He added that price magistrates had also been deployed to prevent overcharging during the snow season, while the hotel rents would be decided by the local administration. He said the rooms without heaters would be cheaper than those having heater and geyser facilities.

The rates of food items would also be uniform at tourist…

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