Friday, December 3, 2021
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Qatar’s tourism sector offers huge opportunities for investors

Officials and guests in a session during Qatar Travel Mart 2021.

Doha: Qatar is a welcoming accessible destination that is rooted in its culture. Country’s growing tourism sector offers huge opportunities not only for travelers but also for investors, said experts during Qatar Travel Mart 2021 that concluded recently. 

Brett Stephenson, Qatar Senior Global Marketing Executive of Qatar Tourism said “Qatar is a country which is waiting to be discovered and we have got all the ingredients to deliver to people and bring them to Qatar. We have beautiful landscapes, beach resorts, amazing culture with outstanding museums and some amazing and inspiring public spaces as well, including world’s best airline and airport,” he added. 

Speaking during one of the  session on the third day of QTM about Qatar Tourism’s mobile app and digital experience he said, by downloading the app you can browse itineraries and see different areas in 360 degrees, experience the destination and…

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