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How to travel to Singapore by flight now that VTL is going ahead

Ready for the Malaysia-Singapore VTL?

Normalcy beckons for Malaysia and Singapore. Remember the good old days where Malaysians could jet into Singapore for their envious Michelin-star restaurants, as well as an endless selection of European fashion labels and Swiss Made timepieces? We aren’t there, but here’s hoping we aren’t too far away.

With the VTL linkage between both countries, by land and air, going ahead on November 29, like any travel done under the imposing shadow of Covid-19, there are restrictions and stringent criteria to be met.

Here’s the step by step guide on travelling from Malaysia to Singapore by air, under VTL (correct as of November 25):

1. To be fully vaccinated in any VTL country

  • Travellers are considered fully-vaccinated if they have received the full regimen of a WHO-EUL vaccine within the minimum dose interval period, at least 2 weeks before arrival in Singapore.
  • Mix and match of any WHO-EUL vaccine is allowed.
  • Recovered Covid-19 patients may…

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