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South Africa’s energy transition package: still in green and brown camouflage

Long-standing path dependencies, labelled as the “minerals-energy complex”, have resulted in a conglomerate of mining industry, national banks and the notoriously indebted energy monopolist Eskom. Although South Africa was an early adopter of clean energy policies, only its highly credited energy auction instrument finally turned the tide by adding more than 5GW of clean energy to the national grid.

But this move was met with reluctance. This resulted in Eskom blocking grid access to dozens of renewable energy providers in 2018. South Africa’s energy transition shows signs of progress. But due to its market-driven impetus, the country can’t create green jobs in provinces such as Limpopo or Mpumalanga where coal mines will close and put 90,000 workers at risk.

And while more than 59,000 green jobs have been created, their healthier labour conditions aren’t met by wages that equal those in the coal industry. This is why trade unions watch the transition process with less…

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