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‘Agriculture, forest, water become more important than ever before’

Agriculture, forest and water have become more important than ever, Turkey’s agriculture and forestry minister said Thursday.

“Creating a sustainable economy on the basis of a green economy is now inevitable,” Bekir Pakdemirli said at Turkey’s major economic event, Uludag Economy Summit, that began Wednesday.

He noted that for the last three years, the world has been facing a difficult period in which the production structure has been deeply shaken, supply chains have been alarmed and the rapid fluctuations in commodity markets have fueled anxiety and uncertainty, due to the coronavirus pandemic and climate change.

The two-day summit has been organized since 2012 at a ski resort in the northwestern province of Bursa while the last two editions were held virtually because of pandemic measures.

Touching on inflation, he said due to excessive demand, logistical problems, labor problems and high energy costs, there are rapid increases in food prices.

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