Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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Worker seeks compensation

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Aya Al Deeb, Staff Reporter

A loading and unloading labourer filed a lawsuit in the Abu Dhabi Court, demanding the owner of the factory he worked for to pay him Dhs150,000, besides the legal interest of 12% as of the date of the claimant until payment, in compensation for the material and moral damages he sustained as a result of a work injury resulting in the amputation 3 fingers of his left hand.

The labourer said due to the lack of safety and protection equipment in devices, he sustained the injury, indicating that he had filed a lawsuit with the Abu Dhabi Labour Court requesting compensation and the court tasked a medical expert who proved the injury in his report which caused a 35% permanent deficiency of the left hand.

The labourer added that the Labour Court obligated the owner of the factory to pay him Dhs4,550, besides a tourist ticket.

He appealed and…

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