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MENA startups get Series and seed funding Nov.-Dec. 2021, part II of V

Over the past 12 months, travel restrictions and lockdowns have oscillated between full and partial. But despite it all, startups in the region have continued to raise funds as investors were keen on keeping cash flow fluid for promising ideas.

Here are 5 startups that managed to attract funds the last 2 months.

1- YASSIR- Algiers

Yassir, an Algerian startup that provides on-demand services such as ride-hailing and last-mile delivery, has raised a $30 million Series A round.

The company had previously raised $13.25 mn in a seed round.

Most people in French-speaking Africa are unbanked due to a lack of trust in incumbents and inefficient banking solutions. The company started with ride-hailing services because the cities it targeted had dense populations and inefficient transportation services. The company progressed to offering last-mile delivery services, creating a multi-sided marketplace that brings drivers, couriers, merchants, suppliers and wholesalers to individual users…

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