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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Best DLC, Ranked

Of the many RPGs that exist in gaming, Bioware’s Mass Effect trilogy is held in high esteem. Sure, it’s had plenty of misgivings along the way. But even with all of those, people can’t forget the journeys they’ve had with all the unfortgettable companions.

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The release of the Legendary Edition has reminded people of their love for the series and finally has all the DLC in one place to enjoy seamlessly. So what better time than to actually rate all these DLC than now? They fall into plenty of different types, some about reminiscing, some setting up new adventures, and everything in between.

10 Bring Down The Sky

mass effect batarians

The original Mass Effect was a big foray for Bioware. It was their first big sci-fi title, and one with a larger combat focus than previous games. And truth be told, it’s a somewhat clunky game, especially by today’s standards. Hence why it got the biggest makeover in the Legendary Edition. But of…

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