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Eight natural wonders you didn’t know existed in Florida

Think of Florida and you’ll likely picture young families posing in Mickey Mouse hats, beautiful people in neon bikinis tanning themselves on South Beach, and snap-happy tourists cruising the Everglades in search of gators. But here’s a secret that only the most experienced travellers know: northern Florida is an unsung paradise for nature lovers. Tired of crowded beaches, big-city living and “It’s a Small World”? Head north to one of these top sites to clear your head and bask in the beauty of Mother Nature.

University of Florida Bat Barns and Bat House, Gainesville

When your state is famous for its ginormous mosquitoes, having an insect-­eating bat colony around is a relief. These structures at the University of Florida are the world’s largest occupied bat houses, with the colony estimated to number almost half a million. Each night after sunset (on warm evenings – above 18C), the bats emerge, at first one or two, then increasing into an inky arc as it gets close…

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