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Greek island of Alonissos among the top destinations in the world for ecotourism | TornosNews.gr

The Greek island of Alonissos, a North Aegean isle north of Evia, has been named one of the Top Destinations for Ecotourism, according to greekreporter.com.

ABTA Magazine, the publication representing the UK’s largest Travel Association, released its top destinations for ecotourism recently; in second place is the Greek island of Alonissos. As ecotourism – or green tourism – has become increasingly significant to travelers, especially since COVID-19, ABTA and the tourism industry as a whole, have begun to focus on the resulting trends.

The popular hotel booking platform Booking.com noted that 81% of travelers say they want to stay in sustainable accommodations in the upcoming year – which is a notable increase from 62% in 2016, when Booking.com first conducted its sustainable travel research, and up 7% from 74% in 2020, just prior to the pandemic.

It is not surprising to anyone who has been watching the eco-friendly development of Alonissos over the decades,…

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