Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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‘Our India strategy involves focused clusters and new revenue streams’

What are your expansion plans? 

The India growth strategy would be through a combination of focused cluster approaches, new revenue streams and inorganic growth opportunities. We have put in place a new structure with 5 clusters namely the Kerala Cluster, the Karnataka and Maharashtra Cluster, the Andhra and Telangana Cluster, the Pharmacy Cluster and the Aster Lab Cluster.  As part of the strategy to have more focus on India.  

In line with the greater India focus, we have recently started a dedicated 77-bed ‘Women and Children” wing at our Aster MIMS hospital in Kottakkal, Kerala which adds to the existing 244 bed capacity at that facility. This launch is a part of our strategy to provide specialized care for women and children in boutique facilities attached to our main hospitals. In Kolhapur, Maharashtra, we have operationalized 24 additional beds in October 2021 as part of Aster Aadhar Hospital’s expansion. An additional 36 beds will be…

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