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BCD Publishes Report on Business Travel Trends for 2022

(14 Jan 2022)
With the COVID19 pandemic prompting many
businesses to refocus their travel priorities, BCD Travel has
identified the following eight trends that it believes will resonate with travel
managers and travelers in 2022 and compiled them in a new report –
Business Travel Trends for 2022.

– Coming out of a sustained period with little or no travel,
companies are reviewing the value of sending employees on business
trips. Employees value travel for the opportunities presented by
in-person meetings with colleagues, clients and business partners.
But travel programs need to adjust to the new ways of working
created by the pandemic, including finding the right balance
between virtual and in-person meetings.

– The 2021 COP26 UN Climate Change Conference put climate
change and sustainability firmly in the global spotlight. As more

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