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IATA Releases Blueprint for Safe Return of International Travel | GTP Headlines

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) on Tuesday released a blueprint with simple, predictable and practical measures needed to facilitate the safe and efficient return of international travel.

Through the newly released policy paper: From Restart to Recovery: A Blueprint for Simplifying Travel, IATA aims to help governments with good practices and practical considerations as they are establishing processes to re-open borders.

“Over the next months we need to move from individual border openings to the restoration of a global air transport network that can reconnect communities and facilitate economic recovery,” said IATA Deputy Director General Conrad Clifford.

The blueprint aims to facilitate the efficient ramping-up of global connectivity. Specifically, IATA is urging governments to focus on the following three key areas:

IATA blueprint travel recovery Simplified health protocols

IATA blueprint travel recovery Digital solutions 1

IATA blueprint travel recovery COVID 19 measures 1

According to Clifford, with over 18 months of pandemic operational experience and traveler feedback IATA knows that a laser-focus on…

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