Friday, December 3, 2021
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OAG: Global Airline Capacity Becomes Becalmed Ahead of Thanksgiving

If last week was busy with IATA Slot, the Dubai Air Show and new aircraft orders, then this week is as flat as a pancake! Either nothing is happening, or everyone is taking a deserved break after the frantic activity of last week. In truth, it may just be this time of the year – pre-Thanksgiving, Winter ski season yet to start, and everyone saving their holidays for Xmas… we need the corporate traveller to return, any sightings anywhere?

This week’s headline airline capacity number is 76.5 million which is less than one-tenth of a percentage point more than last week which is nothing in the grand scheme of things and keeps us at -28% against both the same week in 2019 and at the start of the pandemic. The good news in that headline number is that despite the latest outbreak of Covid-19 in Central Europe it has yet to impact capacity and in truth, unless there is a total lockdown somewhere that should be the case. Relief all round for those double vaccinated.

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