Friday, January 21, 2022
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OAG: January Aftershock: Airline Market Continues to Weather Omicron

Global airline capacity has fallen this week as the impact of travel restrictions begins to be felt across the European market with 3.4 million fewer seats in Western Europe and 720,000 fewer in Eastern Europe.

Ryanair did warn us all that this was going to happen, and it has – a 24% reduction in Western Europe and 20% in Eastern Europe. It’s slightly ironic that last week the UK Minister of Transport eased travel testing requirements around the Omicron variant just as capacity was cut, finger on the pulse and UK Government decisions have never been aligned during the pandemic, have they? In the first week of 2019 global airline capacity sat at 104.8 million and in the second week of that year capacity dipped down to 104.3 million; a cut of half a million. This year it’s seven times worse than that “normal” pattern.

Global Capacity Falls Below 78 Million Seats A Week…Again!

Total capacity for this week has fallen back to just under 78 million seats which represents a 7.2%…

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