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OAG: Understanding the Slow Aviation Recovery in South East Asia

Moving Backwards?

Travel restrictions put in place to protect citizens in many of the countries of South East Asia and Southwest Pacific have remained longer than in most parts of the world. The result has been particularly damaging for air travel to, from and within the countries of this part of the world. As the chart below shows, these two regions are lingering at the bottom in terms of how far from 2019 levels of airline capacity the current scheduled capacity is.

In November 2021 OAG ran a webinar which took a deeper look at this phenomenon, to better understand the dynamics between government policies, air travel and vaccinations rates. It was clear that the relationship between these factors is being played out differently in other parts of the world, with different results, but there are signs that this is changing.

Source: OAG

The Role of Vaccination on Air Travel Recovery

One of the easiest ways to understand the role that government-imposed travel restrictions are…

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