Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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‘Put in place menopause work policies – or you could lose skilled staff’

Naru said if businesses didn’t have effective policies in place it could also lead to gender imbalances in the workplace. “It’s also going to leave skills shortages – there’s going to be that representation gap that we’ve been fighting for years at board level and senior level – it’s going to have a knock on impact on that. And for those companies that have to do gender pay reporting, it will have an impact on that.”


Naru said the menopause was “very much on the government’s agenda”, but she pointed out that “the stigma is still there”.


“It’s got to be okay for women to be able to say at work, ‘it is the menopause [that’s causing them to act a certain way]’, because more often than not, they will say it’s stress or another reason that they’re off work.”


Naru also pointed out “there are around 10 cases that I’m aware of in the last couple of years that got all the way to tribunal because a woman was saying I’d be treated…

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