Friday, December 3, 2021
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Singapore-Malaysia land border reopening sparks rush for tickets

The reopening of the land border between Singapore and Malaysia sparked a rush for bus tickets, with thousands of hopeful travellers left waiting online to buy seats. 

More than 20,000 people were queuing on the ticket portal of Handal Indah Sdn, one of the two operators that will serve the route when it opens on Nov. 29. Later Thursday morning, the Malaysian bus company’s website wouldn’t even open. Transtar Travel Pte., meanwhile, directed users to a “virtual waiting room” and said the ticket-purchase page would open when slots became available. “We are experiencing high user volume,” it said. 

As many as 2,880 people a day will be allowed to travel in the initial phase of the reopening of a causeway linking Singapore and the Malaysian Peninsula, according to an agreement announced Wednesday. Each bus has a maximum capacity of 45 passengers. 

Prior to the Covid pandemic, some 300,000 people crossed the land border each day, for work on the other side or tourism….

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