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Travel Advisors Can Take Note of These Trends Among Luxury Travelers

After many years of being a travel agent, I know that many travelers base their traveling decisions on current travel trends. As high-end luxury travel is currently trending for 2022, many travelers are now searching for extravagant personalized experiences. They’re looking forward to enjoying the exclusive and unique encounters that luxury travel brings.

Luxury travel trends for 2022 include more experiences, higher budgets, longer stays, more families, self-exploration, renting local transportation and taking creative tours.

High-End Luxury Travel Trends in 2022

Today’s high-end luxury traveler wants more experiences. They’re setting higher budgets than ever before, resulting in longer stays. Many luxury travelers are booking a minimum two-week stay, with others choosing to book a full month. Longer stays are a trend that came about due to the confinement so many of us had to undergo during 2020 and 2021. New work flexibility guidelines make this trend one that’s sure to be…

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