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The Travel Industry Is Waking Up to the Needs of Neurodivergent Adults

For many Americans, making vacation plans is somewhat easy and doesn’t require much thought beyond figuring out where and when to go. But for millions of neurodivergent travelers around the country, travel is anything but simple.

Neurodivergency includes a wide variation of atypical developmental norms, many of which may be undiagnosed for years. Autism, tourettes, dyslexia, and ADHD are a few of the most common subcategories, although there are many individuals that identify under this umbrella term.

Neurodivergent adults amount to more than 30 percent of the global population, up to 40 percent in generous estimates. Many of these adults experience physical or mental barriers when traveling or in unfamiliar circumstances, such as booking overnight stays outside the home, or difficulties finding a room without too much stimulation.

As neurodivergency becomes better understood by the general public, new travel opportunities arise for affected children and their parents….

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