जनवरी, 25, 2022
होमयात्रा प्रौद्योगिकीConsumers Booked $5.2B in Travel Using Mobile

Consumers Booked $5.2B in Travel Using Mobile

We heard about supply chain issues, inventory shortages, containers stacked at ports and not enough delivery trucks or store staff, but none of this — nor ominous omicron — kept shoppers down in December, with sales flying at their fastest clip in 17 years to a $556 billion holiday total.

Sales rose 8.5% over 2020 and 11% above 2019, with 32% of consumers making retail purchases online, while 87% did the inverse with their groceries, buying in-store instead.

In the study Digital Economy Payments U.S. Edition January 2022: How U.S. Shoppers Paid During The Holiday Season, a standout finding is how consumers flooded into physical stores despite the latest COVID variant filling the news. Our data finds that 73% of consumers opted for in-store, improving November’s 71%. Just over 12% shopped via mobile in December.

Figure 1

In the same way more consumers flooded to grocery and retail stores, travelers opted for online and mobile, showing how deeply engrained booking behavior is…

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