सज़ा, 22, 2022

Where Do Young People Want to Go in 2022?

International travel is beginning to get underway again. More and more countries are opening their doors to vaccinated travelers and Millennials and Gen-Z are ready to hit the road.

Contiki, which caters to 18- to 35-year-old travelers has found that, after two years of a pandemic, its clientele is still charged up for trips to Europe, island life and a healthy dose of adventure.


Trending Now

Europe is once again top of mind for Contiki travelers. The most popular bookings are for Greek Island Hopping, European Discovery and European Magic. All of these trips feature multiple destinations, are between nine and 11 days long and have a lot of included experiences.

Other destinations popular with younger travelers at the moment are South Africa, Egypt, Thailand and Ireland. These trending destinations show how important it is for young people to…

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