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Jumia & Konga: Who is best placed to win e-Commerce race?

Cracking e-Commerce in Nigeria, Africa’s biggest market, is not a task for the faint-hearted.

There is no secret that e-commerce in Nigeria is currently dominated by Konga and Jumia, two of the latter-day pioneers. But both platforms were predated by BuyRight, a platform founded by serial digital entrepreneur, Leo Stan Ekeh over 12 years ago. However, BuyRight was challenged by the absence of credit card and e-payment infrastructure at the time it held sway, eventually giving way after 18 m0nths.

The entry of Jumia and Konga undoubtedly ushered in new-found interest and confidence in the sector, especially among foreign investors. Coming at a time when many young, aspirational Nigerians had been exposed to online shopping in other climes, it was easy for both platforms to cash in on the excitement and buzz to deepen their footholds in the market. The foregoing is not to say either Jumia or Konga have not encountered their fair share of…

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