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Ana SayfaSeyahat TicaretiSrinagar celebrates International Mountaineering Day to boost tourism

Srinagar celebrates International Mountaineering Day to boost tourism

International Mountaineering Day was celebrated in Srinagar on Saturday with an aim to boost adventure and tourism. A documentary was also created on mountaineering.

Rauf Trambu (Renowned Adventure Expert) said, “Due to United Nations, on December 11, International Mountaineering day is celebrated all over the world. Mountains are very close to our hearts. Not only to the people who belong to the mountain regions but also who does not belong. I believe that not only on this particular day but whenever we get an opportunity, we should create awareness about mountains, flora, fauna, etc”.

Jalal-ud-din Baba (Adventure Filmmaker) said, “Mountains play a very important role in our lives and disruption of which can disbalance our entire ecosystem. So we must all come forward and protect our mountains.

He further added, “I would like to advise people not to litter around the mountains while going for activities like trekking, hiking.”

Tanvir Dar, Guide, “Being a social activist, I would…

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