Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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VIDEO: Climate change is an inconvenient truth for travel

There are a number of obvious responses to a question around what elements of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry should be cut to help with sustainability.

Some might suggest a crack down on daily housekeeping in hotels, or the removal of diesel vehicles from car rentals and ride-hailing services, or only the use of mobile ticketing for any kind of product. 

But Jeremy Sampson, CEO of The Travel Foundation, has a far more radical idea that can be put in place immediately and will have a huge impact on the sustainability efforts of the brands that do it.

In short: stop the crazy use of billions of dollars on marketing and do something valuable with the money instead.

Delegates and panelists at The Phocuswright Conference 2021 – where Sampson was appearing in a sustainability session – know exactly who he means.

Fellow panelist Aaron Gowell, CEO of SilverRail, also points the finger at online travel agencies for not doing enough to get on…

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