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VYPR launches Agile Innovation Summit with FMCG Key Speaker

Innovation and new product development (NPD) suffers from unsustainable failure rates in the food and grocery sector. Today, NPD requires in-depth, credible data, to underpin decision-making at every stage, says Vypr’s Ben Davies:

“At a time when companies need to innovate successfully under pressure, increasing the understanding of the consumer’s wishes throughout the NPD process is business critical. Agile Innovation focuses on high frequency consumer testing and improved consultation – using iterative development to gain the rich insight that’s so essential, if we are to successfully change the food industry.”

The Agile Innovation Summit features FMCG and brand experts, who will share their experience and knowledge of the Agile Innovation practices that have transformed their brand and product development success. Ellie Woods, Senior Consumer Scientist, Global Oral Health at GSK, will be joining the team of experts as a key speaker at the summit:

At GSK Consumer Healthcare,…

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