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The trick to know when someone connects on WhatsApp Web – Code List

WhatsApp is a app Launched in 2009 and is currently one of the most used in the world to communicate. The app has gained relevance in recent years and is essential for users due to its versatility and extensive functions to communicate in seconds.

Among its many functions, WhatsApp has its desktop version called WhatsApp Web, the app allows you to link your account in the Web navigator from your computer so you can use it from there while doing other activities.

And today we will tell you how to know when one of your contacts has connected, as the email staff a few years ago. Do you remember when we used Windows Live Messenger?

How to forget the time when there were not yet so many platforms for communication and everyone communicated through the famous mail from Windows Live Messenger, this platform warned you when one of your contacts started a session, it seems like yesterday when we sent the famous buzzes to say hello.

Now with WhatsApp Web You can return to relive a little…

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