Thursday, December 2, 2021
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Jet2holidays launches Travel Made Simple agent peaks campaign

Alan Cross, head of trade sales at Jet2holidays, said: “Stores are open and demand is growing all the time, so we will be working alongside independent travel agency partners to give them everything they need to not only customer questions but to turn that dialogue into sales too.


“We know how much customers value the expertise and knowledge that independent travel agents provide and we believe there is enormous potential in unleashing the power of that trust.


“By taking part in Travel Made Simple with Jet2holidays, independent travel agents will be seen by customers not only as trusted friends to help them navigate travel issues such as restrictions and testing, but as the people who can very easily turn their holiday dreams into reality.”


‘Inspire confidence’


Cross said Jet2holidays was launching the campaign now so that agents were “ready for the demand out there” as the peaks selling season approaches.


“Not only will it equip independent travel…

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