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It Is Winter, Why Is The Development Invisible?

by Aasia Hassan

Why does the government keep shouting development and development when there is none?…

With the mercury on an uninterrupted nosedive, the winters have started showcasing their artworks. This photograph taken from Tangmarg marks the take-off of nature’s winter art. Be ready for Chila-i-Kalan. KL Image: Bilal Bahadur

On November 18, I came back home (Kashmir) after a while. I had booked convenient connecting flights, paid higher than normal price only because my final flight to Srinagar will reach at 6 pm. So my flight gets delayed and I am supposed to reach Srinagar airport at 8 pm now. Well, what can we do, Right? These things happen all the time.

By the way on a completely different note, Go Air which is now Go First Airlines never goes first, they are the masters of delayed flights. Speaking from my personal experience, I had plenty of time to kill at the Delhi airport so kept checking display boards, every Go First flight was delayed. You book the tickets at your convenience, and then they delay it.

Coming back to my flight, which was supposed to leave at 6.25 pm left at 6.50 pm, I remember completely because my Papa messaged me at 6.40 saying why is your flight still thereafter I sent him my e-boarding pass, so they are not stopped on the way to the airport, which is completely normalised in Kashmir.

Chillai Kalan begins with the winter solstice on December 21, when the day and night are of equal duration and ends on January 31. During this period, as the valley is cloaked in white, the frozen frames are usually seen everywhere. From taps in the home to terrains outside, the liquid is lost to the frozen state.

Counter Covid19 Measures

Skipping the details finally we reached Srinagar sometime after 8 pm, while waiting for my luggage I went to 2 automatic sanitiser machines or whatever they are called, both were not working. I had my own sanitiser but my hands were just so cold to open my backpack, which I…

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