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ASX Tech Stocks: Vection Technologies to develop space travel metaverse platform – Stockhead

VR1 to develop the first VR metaverse platform dedicated to space travel ahead of NASA’s Artemis Program Wisetech drops almost a quarter billion to pick up US logistics platform Attura plans to acquire Victorian-based Microsoft provider    Virtual reality player Vection Technologies (ASX:VR1) has executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop the first Virtual Reality (VR) metaverse platform to promote space travel ahead of the... Read further.

Metaverse business opportunities in the travel and hospitality sector | By

The metaverse is the art of the inaccessible impossible turning into the accessible possible. As the technology behind the metaverse continues to evolve, it is becoming clear that it has the potential to be a major business opportunity across a variety of sectors. One of the key concepts that makes the metaverse an interesting business opportunity is the "Datafication of Everything" This refers to the trend of turning everything around us into data that can be collected, analysed and used... Read further.

Travel companies explore metaverse with eye on future

Definitions of the metaverse differ, but a commonly held view is that a true metaverse – one that’s perhaps decentralized, ungoverned, universal and in which anyone can interact with anyone – is probably still years away.Still, some travel and hospital companies are beginning to dabble in the platforms that offer virtual, interactive experience to customers. They are getting in on the ground floor while the metaverse is in its nascent form.Hotel... Read further.

‘Virtual Lotte Duty Free Tower’ created as Korean travel retailer showcases metaverse ambitions : The Moodie Davitt Report

SOUTH KOREA. At CES 2023 – dubbed the world’s most-influential tech event – in Las Vegas this month, Lotte Duty Free presented a virtual shopping space hosted in the metaverse. ‘Virtual Lotte Duty Free Tower’ featured four floors of virtual shopping space dedicated to the key fashion, cosmetics and perfumes categories, replete with lobby, boutiques and fitting rooms. Customers wearing head-mounted display (HMD) devices could move avatars around the virtual space in what Lotte Duty... Read further.

Ariva Wonderland (ARV) Travel Metaverse for Local and Global Tourism Sector

Ariva Wonderland is a blockchain-based metaverse meant to promote global travel and tourism and cryptocurrency-based payment solutions. There is also an NFT Market of the Ariva Wonderland. New changes and new opportunities are expected in 2023. Q1 2023 Ariva Wonderland Roadmap The plan for Ariva Wonderland is already out for the four quarters.  The Q1 2023 road map is planned to add more powerful features to the Ariva Creator. The launch of Ariva Wonderland Editor Creator is also set on... Read further.

Is metaverse Tuvalu’s future?

Is metaverse Tuvalu’s future?

Europe has experienced heatwaves and drought, storms and flooding, and in low-lying coastal areas, there are emerging plans for managed retreat and limited but very expensive construction of sea wall defences. In November 2022, Tuvalu announced that it plans to build a digital replica of the island state in the metaverse in order to preserve its history and culture in response to the existential risk presented to the island state by climate change and the future of the developed emitters to... Read further.

Will the Metaverse Influence and Inspire Your Travel Choices in 2023?

Will the Metaverse Influence and Inspire Your Travel Choices in 2023?

Could the evolving metaverse help bolster the travel industry as the world moves forward post-COVID? The metaverse has real-life advantages for prospective travelers to explore options virtually before they actually pack their bags. But there is still some skepticism from jet-setting veterans. The COVID-19 pandemic was a difficult period that forced many to remain restricted to confined spaces. Unsurprisingly, the travel industry was one of the most negatively affected during this period.... Read further.

BookingCom Predicts The Metaverse Will Influence Travel Decisions In 2023

BookingCom Predicts The Metaverse Will Influence Travel Decisions In 2023

(CTN News) – It is predicted that people will travel a lot in the near future. As a first step, they will have to travel to their metaverse destinations. In the aftermath of the extended COVID-19 lockdown, millions of people’s lifestyles have been affected, including those in the travel industry. In spite of this, now that the pandemic appears to be under control, businesses are looking for creative ways to engage their customers. The metaverse seems to be an interesting topic to... Read further.

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