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Digital RMB takes off in air services

Visitors view information at a booth promoting the e-CNY during an expo in Beijing. (Photo by Chen Xiaogen/For China Daily)

Domestic carriers step up application of virtual currency in more scenarios

As the latest domestic carrier adopting the digital renminbi recently, Xiamen Airlines has charted more plans to expand such services in air travel-related scenarios.

Earlier this month, Xiamen Airlines allowed ticket purchases using the digital RMB via its official website. For passengers living in cities that have already started trial operations of the digital RMB, the deal can be made through a few banks, including Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and Agricultural Bank of China.

When put into full application, the service will be available for all passengers to buy tickets and other related products and services, the carrier said.

“Digital RMB is particularly suitable for passengers to make onboard payments, especially when there is no Wi-Fi available during a flight. Digital currency can support offline payments and satisfy the consumption demand of passengers. They can also use digital RMB to buy duty-free products onboard,” said Gao Gui, manager of the e-commerce planning office of the digital marketing department at Xiamen Airlines.

“The application of digital RMB will help further promote Xiamen Airlines’ cabin service marketing and open a brand-new business model. With its real-time settlement, digital RMB bears a broad application prospect in the air travel market,” Gao said.

The People’s Bank of China, the central bank, is the issuer of the digital RMB, being the core responsible for inter-institutional connection and…

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