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Kyte Co-Founder: Amid Car Rental Shortage, There’s A Better Way To Get Around

If you can’t find a rental car this holiday season, maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. One startup, Kyte, is bypassing the shortage of rental cars by drawing cars from several sources, including fleet, leasing, traditional rental companies, and directly from auto manufacturers. With Kyte, you can book a car on demand via Kyte’s app or website for as long as you need it. Kyte is currently available in 11 areas in the U.S. I recently spoke to Ludwig Schoenack, co-founder of Kyte, to find out how it works. 

We’re seeing car rental prices rising again during the holiday travel season. What’s going on?

To put it simply, high demand and low supply. The traditional rental car operators are not able to get more cars due to the supply chain disruptions caused by Covid, and demand is high because people want to get out of the city and cars are the best mode…

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