Tuesday, December 7, 2021
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What to expect when you return to air travel | Biometric Update

By Neville Pattinson, Head of Business Development and Strategic Marketing at Thales

Around the world, most of us have not taken a flight since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Now, air travel volumes are slowly returning to normal, and people returning to airports are discovering that things are a little bit different, in some ways they expected, and others they did not.

Airports and airlines have been carrying out digital transformations at a dizzying pace, in many cases taking advantage of the pause afforded by the pandemic to adopt technologies like advance check-in from home, contactless bag drop and flight boarding with face biometrics, all of which are offered by Thales.

The changes are likely to continue as new capabilities are adopted and rolled out by airlines and airports.

Modernizing air travel

Many of the changes being implemented are based on the power of digital identity credentials paired with biometric capabilities that are able to…

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