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Live blog: the 25 Best Buy Black Friday worth snapping up


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Here’s something that I’d suggest you avoid: the Apple Watch 3 at Best Buy. Not because there’s anything wrong with the retailer, but just because it’s an old smartwatch, and not worth the $169 that it’s currently going for.

Walmart had the Watch 3 down to $109 in its crazy early Black Friday sale this week, but that sold out instantly – and, to me, the lack of always-on display, the slower speeds, smaller screen and overall older functionality means I think the Watch SE is a better buy, if not the Watch 7.

Best Buy Meme

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I’m getting so tired that I’m now looking at Best Buy memes. This one is so, so niche that I doubt anyone will ever get it. I’m @superbeav on Twitter if you do.

Best Buy fact #2:

“VCRs and VHS tapes were big business in the mid-1980s — so big, in fact, that they accounted for more than half of our sales growth in 1984. And as home video revenue surpassed ticket sales at movie theaters, we briefly offered video rentals from 1987 to 1990.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Does anyone remember them offering home video rental? Should have got into streaming – it’d, admittedly, be waiting a long time for fast enough internet, but think how well Best Buy would have done during the pandemic.

Tech on coloured background

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While it is slightly ageing, we still rate this 2-in-1 Chromebook, and for the paltry price of $149 (down from $329 in recent weeks) we can’t help but think this is good value for a laptop that our review found to be “old school in looks, but it’s built to last, both physically and in terms of battery life.”

If you’re after something cheap and cheerful for browsing the web, to sling in a car for an emergency or you’re being forced to buy a Chromebook for a school-age child (for whatever reason), then this Lenovo Flex 3 will almost certainly impress. Just hide the price tag.

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