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Bachelor Peter Weber ‘will NEVER return to franchise as he’s focused on turning his new children’s book into a TV show’

BACHELOR Peter Weber will not return to the franchise as he is now “focused on turning his new children’s book into a TV show,” he exclusively told The Sun. 

The author of The Adventures Of Pilot Pete revealed that making a comeback to the ABC series that made him a household name is not on his mind as he tries to fulfill his dreams of turning his latest project into a show.


Bachelor Peter Weber revealed he ‘won’t return to the ABC franchise’ as he’s focused on his ‘own projects’Credit: The Sun
The aviation expert wrote a new children's book, The Adventures Of Pilot Pete


The aviation expert wrote a new children’s book, The Adventures Of Pilot Pete

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, Peter, 30, opened up about writing a very different book than most stars from Bachelor Nation have typically put out. 

Referencing the many tell-all style novels, including his ex Hannah Brown’s new scandalous book, the aviation expert said: “I could have done a tell-all book but I wasn’t interested in any of that. 

“I wanted to do something that would give back and give me an opportunity to do more of something I want to do. 

“My hope for this book is that it has longevity and inspired children from the day they read my book to decide ‘I want to do this and I want to do that.’ 

“This book was so easy for me to write because it was such an enjoyable process. It literally is my story from when I fell in love with flying as a little kid.”

He then discussed how this novel is just step one in the big plans he has, as Peter “has dreams of it to turn into a series hopefully one day.”

When asked if he will return to the Bachelor franchise, the United pilot said: “Oh I don’t see myself going back, I’m more interested in making my own show.

“And we’ll see where this takes off, but I think it will, so that is where I will be putting my focus and attention to.” 

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As for what he envisions for his show, the Los Angeles native said he would love to do an animated…

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