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Ancient town seeks top grade tourism designation

Ti Gong

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town scenery

Ancient town seeks top grade tourism designation

Ti Gong

Xunmeng Garden at Zhujiajiao Town

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town’s tourism market will be injected with new energy as efforts are underway to turn the water town into a 5A-level national tourist attraction, the top grade for tourist destinations in China, the town’s authorities revealed.

New tourist programs are being developed and new attractions popular among young people will be created in the ancient town in Qingpu District, Yu Wenli, a member of the CPC Zhujiajiao Town Committee, told a recent press conference.

“In addition to traditional tourist programs such as guided tours and boating trips, new scenes and forms of enjoyment such as augmented reality and jubensha will be introduced, as they are favored by the young generation,” said Yu.

Live-action role-playing games, called jubensha in Chinese, have become something of a craze among Chinese young…

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