Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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Saudi TRSDC signs deal with Red Sea Farms to supply sustainable food to its tourists

GCC countries have recorded strong digital sector growth over the last decade. They now have the opportunity to move from being mostly adopters of digital technologies to becoming disruptors, hosting powerful local companies, institutions, and talent. If GCC countries went from being digital adopters to being digital disruptors, they could add $138 billion to regional GDP.

We recently measured where the GCC countries stand using the Digital Economy Index, a comprehensive measure of the digital maturity of 109 countries between 2010 and 2020. The DEI has five pillars: Foundations, talent, innovation, adoption, and local production.

The GCC region’s DEI score grew the fastest of any part of the world, at twice the speed of the OECD countries over the last decade. GCC countries have invested in digital infrastructure, adopted e-government platforms, and launched technology parks and business incubators.

Yet in overall terms, GCC countries still…

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